Revive the PC market in 2012

The raid resulted in the decline tablet PC is a desktop computer or PC markets. But analysts at IDC predict that the PC market will come back bergeliat in 2012.

The meteoric popularity of tablet over the last few years, especially 2011, have eroded the market PCs and laptops. Earlier this year in worldwide PC shipments are expected to grow 7.1 percent. But analysts eventually revise the forecast cut to just 4.2 percent.

IDC claims that PC sales growth slow due to computer penetration has reached saturation point in developing countries. In addition, of course, due to fierce competition with a tablet that is still the most sought after gadgets.

However, IDC estimates that it will change soon. They believe the PC market will show an increase starting in 2012. In fact, until 2015 growth could reach 10 percent. Similarly, as reported by Cellular News, on Thursday (09/06/2011).

The reason behind this growth, according to IDC, is the emergence of a variety of designs, chip and a new operating system. In addition, more importantly, the price falls will make PCs more affordable for consumers.

IDC also claims that growth in developing countries will help push global PC sales. Nevertheless, IDC cautioned that the analysis is not necessarily proven, because it is still speculative.

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